Resin Tear Drop Earrings Two Ways

Glitter Resin Teardrop Earrings

Have you seen those funny memes about earrings or jewelry? They say something like this: "Not to brag or anything, but I can still fit into my earrings from high school." Or "Earrings always fit." And even "Earrings fit no matter how many chocolates I eat." These always make me laugh a little.😂😂😂 I love earrings and there are so many great ways to make your own with glitter and resin. 

Maybe you've seen this awesome double teardrop mold in our shop, and maybe you haven't. Either way, we want to show you how to use it and how you can spice up glitter resin earrings with this mold in two different ways. So you can have something that always fits!! 

Plus, these make a great gift idea. Perfect for Mother's Day, graduation, birthdays, and even gifts just because. This mold makes it easy to customize with a favorite glitter, colors, and even style. Let's get to work on these awesome glitter teardrop earrings! 


You will need these items to complete this tutorial:

1. Epoxy/Resin

2. Glitter in one or multiple colors

3. Double Teardrop Mold

4. Jump rings

5. Super glue

6. Earring back blanks or dangle blanks


1. Mix epoxy as normal. 

2. Add glitter and pour into mold. 

3. Let harden.

4. Add jump rings or earring backs as per your preference. Assemble finished pieces with jump rings and dangle earring blank like the purple set. Or use jump rings to create the look of the silver set and use super glue to glue earring backs on. Allow to dry completely before wearing.

How fun AND easy is that?!?! 

Finishing the Look

Let's get creative and think of all the ways we could finish the look using this mold! 

  • Make an extra set and add to a necklace for a matching pendant.
  • Create smaller studs with just the inner tear drop shape.
  • Only use the outer tear drop for a hallow dangling teardrop earring.
  • Mix and match colors of the inner and outer teardrops for a double color look.

So many options! So little time. Better get crafting up these awesome glitter earrings for everyone I know.

Now it is your turn to get creating! We can't wait to see what you create and be sure to share it with us in our Glitter Luv Creations group on Facebook.

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Blue Lagoon Holographic Glitter
Glitter Luv Holographic Blueberry Holographic Glitter

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