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Sparkling reviews


I am so happy I decided to jump in and do this! Amazing product and such a cool little gift for myself every month!!

Jennifer m.

Sparkle to the Max!

Every month Glitter Luv's subscription boxes are packed with the best variety of glitter. It is perfect for the avid glitter enthusiast, or the beginner glitter lover. I have never been disappointed with the glitter colors, shapes, or sparkle amount. This is my favorite mail to get, and I can always count on the high quality, and fantastic quantity you get in the subscription box. You can never have too much glitter.

Cherie G.

Burgundy Metallic

Gorgeous color. I just love getting "presents" from Glitter luv. I KNOW yall love your customers. I mean friends.

Cozette W.


I look forward to getting my subscription box each month. The boxes are full of beautiful glitter, candy a sample glitter and a recipe for a chunky glitter you can mix yourself. PLUS a couple for a % off of your next order. This is by far the best glitter subscription I receive each month.

Sarah S.