Back to School Glittering Sign

August is here and that brings with it all the fun of back to school. Back to school shopping, prepping, and crafting is a MUST! This week we want to share with you a pencil craft sure to get you in the back to school spirit. This is a great gift for teachers, for home decorating, or just for crafting fun. 

We used glitters to make a pencil sign that could be used as a door hanging, set on a mantel, or hung on a wall. But don't stop the pencil fun with just a wall sign. Use these pencil colored glitters to make all sorts of pencil inspired things like tumblers, staplers, and more!  

Click the link below to see the tutorial and create this fun gift for your favorite teachers, to decorate you home, or just for fun!


  1. Glitter (Long Island Ice Tea, Sparkling Cider, Soulmate Soriee, Ringing In the Silver, Starry Night)
  2. Fence pickets or Pencil shaped cutout Mod Podge Fabric
  3. Triple-Thick Clear Glaze or Epoxy / Resin Paintbrush or Foam brush
  4. Painters tape (or other wide tape)
  5. Plate or bowls 


Step 1: 

Tape off each section for the different glitter colors.

Use a zigzag pattern for the sharpened pencil look.

Pour dime size amount of Mod Podge Fabric onto a plate or bowl.

Step 2: Create

Dip the brush into Mod Podge and apply a generous, even layer to the pencil, working in only one section at a time.

Sprinkle glitter onto Mod Podged area.

Allow Mod Podge to dry

Add a second layer, if needed, by applying Mod Podge over glittered area and sprinkling glitter onto Mod Podge

Remove any tape added from completed section and allow to dry

Repeat above steps for each section of the pencil to get your overall desired look 

Step 3: Get Crafty

Once dried add a layer of Triple-Thick Clear Glaze or Epoxy / Resin to “seal” in all the glittery goodness

Allow to fully dry, approximately 24 hours 

Finishing the look

Embellish the sign with a vinyl decal of your teacher's name, classroom or grade level!


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