Silicone Mold Key Chains

Glittering Key Chains!

Making key chains using silicone molds is great for the experienced crafter or the crafter looking to get more practice using epoxy. Using silicone molds to gain the experience of mixing, pouring, and manipulating epoxy is a great way to not only understand how to use it but it will also allow confidence building with this amazing but sometimes temperamental medium.


Another thing I love about silicon key chains is that the sky is the limit with creativity and personalization. I created one key chain to match the watermelon tumbler I created and the other one to appear as if the wine tumbler key chain is more than half full of wine!


Let me know in the comments what you love about making key chains using silicone molds.





1. Glitter Luv Glitter

2. Silicone Mold

3. Epoxy / Resin

4. Key chain hardware


Step 1: Prepare

Make sure your mold is clean and dry


Prepare epoxy / resin to product insert directions


Step 2: Create

Mix glitter into epoxy / resin


Pour epoxy / resin into silicone mold to height of mold


Make sure that epoxy / resin has gone around the key chain peg


Optional: Wipe off any extra epoxy / resin on mold sides or on the key chain peg with a baby wipe

Step 3: Get Crafty

Allow key chain mold to dry up to 24 hours ** depending on epoxy / resin used


Once your key chain has dried, remove from silicone mold


Lightly sand any rough edges, be careful not to scratch your finished product


Attach key chain hardware



Finishing the look ...

Embellish your key chain with fun tassels, charms or other personalized items 


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