Father's Day Tie Craft

Creating Glitter Father's Day Ties

Did you miss our Father's Day glitter color spotlight last week? You can still check it out here. Then grab a few of your favorite glitter colors to help you create this new craft, glittered Father's Day ties. This cute but, simple craft idea is easily customizable and a perfect kids craft. You will need a few basic supplies to get started, but you probably have most of these supplies on hand. 

Grab some paper or wood tie cutouts, or create your own in the shape of a tie. Use a cutting machine or make your own pattern. Easy enough. Then we add in the fun, the GLITTER!!! Learn how to complete these fun ties below. We have some cute ideas of what you could do with them too! Read on to get the ideas and see how to put these together. And don't forget to get the kids involved. They can help create the designs, and with the glittering. 

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You will need a few basic supplies to get started:

1. Card stock paper tags or wood ties

2. Glitter (we used the Father's Day Plus Glitter Pack, but any color would work)

3. Mod Podge

4. Paint Brushes

5. Tape (washi or painter's tape, a tape that won't rip the paper if using paper)

6. Vinyl Decals (optional)


Let's get creating these Father's Day Glitter Ties.

1. Trace or cut wood or paper into tie shape.

2. Paint a background color if desired.

3. Paint on a thin layer of mod podge.

4. Sprinkle on glitter.

5. Allow to completely dry.

6. After dried, paint another thin layer of mod podge if wanting to seal in the glitter.

7. Add a vinyl decal.

8. Seal again with mod podge if desired.

To create stripes or other designs, tap off areas using painters tape. Apply glitter to one section at a time. Allowing to dry in between.

Finishing the Look

Finish up the look by adding stripes, decals, or a design. Remember to seal with a thin layer of Mod Podge to avoid glitter shed.

We created a stripe pattern on one, and then added a decal on the solid one. Then gift to dad on Father's Day!

Try using these ties as a Father's Day card or tag for his gift by adding a special note on the back.

Or decorate with these cute ties. Make a little garland out of them. Or go for a mini version and attach them to toothpicks to create cupcake toppers.

So many fun ideas! What will you do with these cute ties???

Now it's your turn! Share your creations with us in our Glitter Luv Creations Facebook groupFor more great glittery ideas, follow along with us on Pinterest, where we share lots of great projects. 

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