Easter Glitter Colors

Highlighting Easter Colors

Happy March!!! I am so ready to let go of the snow and winter and completely embrace the brightness of spring!!! What better way to bring in the spring than by highlighting our favorite Easter and spring glitter colors. We have some fun packs to highlight and plus lots of other peppy colors to bring your projects to life. The glitter packs are great because they are hand picked colors that go great together. We take out all of the guess work for you!

After you check out these amazing colors, you will want to get them on order. I'll let you in on a secret! We have some really fun spring and Easter inspired projects planned to share for the month of March. Be on the lookout every Monday morning for these fun projects. There will be eggs. There will be peeps! Oh my!!! Let's get ready for Easter together in a glittery way!

Let's take a look at these vibrant and beautiful and sparkly shades! Then let us know what color is your favorite and what you plan to use it for. Let's look on the bright side.

Glitter Packs

Bring out some pretty pastels with this four pack of hand picked Easter themed glitters. These colors are nice and pretty in their pastels shades.

If you want to go a little brighter add this Easter peeps pack to your cart. These five colors look so perky with a bit of neon. 

PiNK Glitters

Bright pink! So fun for adding pops of pink to projects, tumblers, and more! 

Or try for a lighter shade of pink with this amazing bubblegum pink. 

Blue glitters

Dreamy Blue Hawaii looks just like a lovely lighter shade of blue that reminds me of blue skies with white puffy clouds. 

Looking for a deeper blue for your Easter and spring crafts? Try out April Showers, it wouldn't be spring without them! 

Green Glitters

The name says it all with this spring green!!! Light and pretty. Almost like a fresh spring lawn.

To go along with the April Showers, grab this Rainforest green. It is even holographic which adds a fun element to glitter projects.

Purple Glitters

Add that extra fluorescent pick me up of purple to your projects with this amazing purple with a pinkish hue.

Or go with a more lavender color with this metallic glitter. It is really so pretty! I just love purples.

Yellow Glitters

This yellow is pretty with a touch of a golden hue. It reminds me of sunshine!!! 

Go for a bright ray of yellow with this sunburst iridescent. It will add such a lovely lightness to your projects.

Which highlighted Easter/Spring glitter is your favorite? And what are you hoping to create with it? You know we love to see what you make. We can't wait to see what you share with us in our Glitter Luv Creations group on Facebook.

Glitter Luv Iridescent Blue Hawaii Iridescent Glitter
Glitter Luv Metallic Glitter Rose Gold Metallic Glitter

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