Easter Craft Ideas!

The perfect Easter craft!

Hi Glitter Luv Family! 

I wanted to bring you another great Easter project you can do at home. This project uses foam egg shapes and will really bring extra smiles to your home during the season and during a time when we need those extra smiles! 

These Glitter Foam Eggs bring a different way to step up your Easter crafts and decorations. And WOW they look amazing. The best part is that they can be used as so many different things: 

 - A Wall Decoration 

 - Use them as Centerpieces 

 - Hang them for extra fun around the house 

 - And so much more! 

If you don’t have any foam egg shapes laying around, that’s okay! You can also use construction paper to cut out your egg shapes to decorate them.As a bonus, we’ve included an Egg and Bunny cut out pattern.I hope you will enjoy this craft as much as we did! 



1. Glitter Luv Glitter 

2. Mod Podge

3. Paintbrush

4. Plate or bowl

5. Foam/cardstock eggs


Step 1: Prepare

If you do not have any foam eggs, you can use any construction paper to cut out an egg or bunny shape (pattern included).

Step 2: Create

Pour some Mod Podge into a separate plate/bowl.

Dip the brush into Mod Podge and apply to foam egg in the desired pattern. *If using construction paper - apply a thin layer of Mod Podge*

Step 3: Get Crafty

Sprinkle glitter onto Mod Podge.

Allow Mod Podge to dry.

Continue to Mod Podge/craft paint and glitter egg to your overall desired look 

If you are feeling like it needs a little extra...

You can embellish the bunny with cotton ball tails, just add a spot of mod podge in desired tail placement and then firmly place cotton ball tail down 


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