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Tulips are my Favorite...

Tulips will always have a special place in my heart, because I remember planting them with my Grandma when I was little. Whenever I see tulip craft supplies I have to buy it. This glitter did not disappoint! It's colorful, and very Spring-like! Has all the usual pastel colors, they're like a smile in a little bottle.

We had glitter fun!

My granddaughters had a ball decorating their Valentines cards. They had to create them themselves. Yes, it took me two times to clean the floor afterwards, but it was worth the memories. I got the glitter in their favorite colors and, of course, they had to mix them together.

Rust Metallic Glitter
Rachel Hulett
Glitter and more glitter!

I love this shop! They always arrive so quickly and packaged so nicely! The quality of the shakers are amazing also!

It's absolutely gorgeous! Exactly what I was looking for!!

I've been looking for a aquamarine glitter for some gifts for my co workers and this is exactly what I was looking for! Absolutely perfect and came in a glitter container!

Lucky Charm Tier Tray DIY Kit

Love this glitter!

I’ve only used it on keychains and badge reels so far, but it’s now my go-to for everything!

Seriously Cute

This was my first purchase from the seller.
I was Very Happy with my entire purchase.
I have already ordered a second time.

I must have ordered the extra numbers by mistake. I didn't get the tier kit

Patriotic Tier Tray DIY Kit

Tier tray

I really liked the way the parts came together and how they look on my tier tray

Opal Iridescent glitter

I Love this Glitter! I have used it on a lot of my tumblers, everyone compliments the sparkle & shine!

Amazing color

Love this color

Beautiful, fast shipping great!

Tree straw topper

OMG, this was excellent! I put some Christmas glitter in the epoxy and poured it into the mold & wow it is awesome!


Perfect for snow globe tumblers!!! Perfect match exactly what I was looking for

Absolutely gorgeous

Shattered Chunky Glitter
Sallie Danenberg
Beautiful product for resin projects

Amazing product. So many ways to use it with nice effects.

Aurora's #5 Magical Glitter

Not grape ape.

Nice color unfortunately I didn't realize it was going to have so much gold glittery content in it. I couldn't see that from the picture on the Internet. It's still a very pretty color. I just was not expecting for that other tone to be so bold in it.

Great GREAT GLITTER!!!!!!!!!!!

I thought oh how nice… another free glitter….well I was WRONG!!!! This is absolutely beautiful, sparkles, out of this world GLITTER!!!!!!! It looks gorgeous on my Christmas cards!!!!! Thank you sooooooo much!!!! I will definitely order!!!!!!

Such a beautiful color!

I ordered 5 different pink glitters for Valentine's Day crafts. They are all so beautiful...

Birthday Tier Tray DIY Kit
Cynthia Campbell
Crafting fun

I like the tiered tray birthday set A LOT. The pieces are very high quality and delightful to paint, cover with paper, etc. for using on a tiered tray or using for individial handmade birthday "cards" (glued to small plaques). I don't like glitter, but will be buying from GlitterLuv again.


This glitter is absolutely Beautiful!


The wood was cut well and the parts all fit together well. There were even examples of what it could look like when finished.

Metal Straw 5 Pack
Sarah Schatsiek
Perfect for each use!

I've been needing this for a while especially the cleaning brush. Love the colors too.