About Us

Our Story

Wendy (Founder) is a nurse and loves having something to do after work that is calm, relaxing, and allows her to indulge in her creative side. She particularly has a passion for using glitter in her crafting and creating projects that sparkle. Wendy realized that many people avoid using glitter because they assume it will make a mess or flake off.

Knowing that using glitter in crafting didn't have to be stressful, she wanted to help others discover the joy of glitter. Wendy created Glitter Luv to help educate people about how to use glitter effectively through providing professional techniques and tips on her website, blog, and Facebook group. This passion has grown into a business that offers the highest quality glitter to its customers, with professional tips and tricks for the best results and for customers to experience the joy that glitter brings. 

OuR Mission 

At Glitter Luv, our core belief is to provide high-quality and diverse glitter to the market so that customers can discover creativity and fun in their everyday life.